How can Vertax help?

Fiji Revenue and Customs Service requires that all businesses issue only fiscalized invoices to customers which is signed by the Tax Core system. The project is implemented in phases. Currently FRCS requires all POS systems to issue fiscalized invoices to customers. In the upcoming phases, they would require even ERP systems to do the same. Our solution aims to not only meet the current requirements but prepare for upcoming policies as well.

ACTON Fiji’s Vertax is an FRCS-accredited product-agonistic product that has been elegantly designed and built to separate it from the reliance of any ERP or financial system. It works independent of any system and does all the heavy lifting of getting any transaction it receives. It has standard .NET integration points that makes it a simple plug and play for almost any .NET-based product. This can further be extended to include modern web protocols like RESTful APIs. There are multiple benefits of such a solution:

  1. ERP-agonistic design – works with any financial/ERP system
  2. Seamless plug-and-play integration with standard .NET and web protocols and connectors
  3.  No product restriction on the number of lines in a transaction
  4. Speedy response times - independent of number of lines in the transaction (tested at a few milliseconds for 420 lines)
  5. No ERP overhead, meaning no need to upgrade VMS in the event of an upgrade to ERP system
  6. Future-proof – caters for future compliance requirements from FRCS with minimal complexity and at a fraction of current accreditation times



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