A LOCAL technology solutions company has partnered with a leading Asia Pacific business solutions partner in its bid to provide quality services tp Fiji’s ICT sector.

The fairly new company – ACTON (Fiji) Pte Ltd – has formed a strategic alliance with MicroChannel Services Pty Ltd.

This will mean that that ACTON will work together here and throughout Asia Pacific to bring high levels of customer satisfaction and an unparalleled commitment to quality ICT solutions.

According to MicroChannel chief executive officer Harach Lucas the partnership would take ACTON from strength to strength.

“Working together enables us to better participate in and support the Fiji market, including delivering the latest technologies from Microsoft, SAP, Sage and other key ICT suppliers,” Mr Lucas said in a statement.

“I have always had a passion for Fiji. I truly believe this partnership enables our businesses to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have already achieved fantastic levels of co-operation which in turn has enabled us to deliver great results in Fiji as well as across our combined portfolio of ERP projects in Asia Pacific.”

MicroChannel is a multi-award-winning business solutions and technology provider, servicing mid-sized to large businesses, corporate divisions, government agencies and enterprise organisations.

ACTON managing director Shobha Reddy said the alliance was well placed to support and serve, not only Fiji but all of the Asia Pacific islands.”

“Locally, both companies will continue with their respective names and use this exciting new partnership to bring our combined capabilities to the market,” Ms Reddy said.

“With our cloud focused local offerings, ACTON provides Fiji customers with the ability to move away from costly, outdated on-premise business solutions to advanced, secure, online services based alternatives; with low up-front costs. Our experience is that this is badly needed in Fiji.”

ACTON was formed in July 2017 with young passionate Fijian entrepreneurs. With 14 employees, ACTON provides subscription based, cloud based technologies.

Fiji Times: Saturday, February 10, 2018