How can DFusion Studio help?

"EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) Dfusion" software is a scalable integration software product that allows fast and controlled integration of electronic documents and data. It contains functionality that allows users to integrate data and documents from any source and format into any accounting application and back out again into any file or database format.

Developed for Sage Accpac ERP, SAGE 300 and SAP Business One the product maintains full logging of complete audit trails and source documents while the user interface includes efficient and "easy to use" workflow functionality. Some main features include:

  • Scalable functional sets are available per application per module function, allowing clients the option to acquire only essential functional sets. Additional sets can always be added as required.
  • Maintains a configurable audit trail at record level of data received and sent electronically, ensuring cross referencing and managing of completeness of what data received into which batches, etc.
  • Direct cost reduction due to the elimination of capturing and checking errors usually prone to happen during manual processing.

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